This Site is Dedicated to the Lives and Works of Michael Insinna and Cappi Insinna

Michael and Cappi were both renowned artists in New York in the 40's and 50's and beyond. They met while studying under Robert Brackman. They are both now unfortunately deceased, but although the world has lost two terrific artists, their art lives on!

Their children, Gemma and Toby hold their remaining unsold paintings, and it is thanks to them that we are able to showcase these great works of art on this site.

After growing up in such an artistic and talented family it is hardly suprising that Gemma grew up to follow in her parents footsteps and became a talented artist herself. You can see her paintings on her own site by clicking the bottom button of the menu.

Toby is also very artistic, but has turned his talents in a different direction by becoming a highly successful architect.

Read The Biographies, Look at the Paintings, and Most of all, Enjoy Their Exceptional Talent and the Beauty of Their Art.

Throughout this site you will be able to view some of the great many paintings produced by both Michael Insinna and Cappi Insinna.

They were both outstanding artists and if you would like to own one of these works of art yourself you will have the rare opportunity to purchase them. The fact that they can no longer continue to provide us with the enjoyment of any further paintings only goes to make their art more desirable and collectable.


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